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Colors – Dimensions

All our products can be also produced at:

bed covers (1,50X2,20)
Little table clothes (0,40X1,10)
Clothes (0,50CH2,10) (0,50X1,60)
Squared (1,00X1,00)
pads (0,40X0,40) and
wipes (0,40X0,40) and fabric by the meter for the Romanian types and T. P.-Lito

The colors in Romania Type and T. P.-Lito are:
red-blue-green-brown-bordeaux-white-turquoise-orange-teal-fuchsia-olive green-beige

The colors in Minoa, Kiropigio, Crete Dance, jug-oil are:

The colors in Birds, Eagle, Cyprus, Acropolis are the following: beige-white-red-blue-brown-bordeaux-green- .

The Eagle comes in the following dimensions:
1,50X2,80 in 1,50X3,60 in 1,50X1,50 in 1,50X1,80 and 2,00X2,25.

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